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Scared of being tied down? Afraid of getting married? If you answered yes to either of these, you just may be  a bona fide commitment-phobe . While the DTR (defining the relationship) conversation is totally normal for some, the mere thought of a serious relationship can be crippling for others. If you’ve been stuck under a dark cloud that is your fear of commitment, it’s time you take control and step into the light. Here are eight ways to overcome your fear.

There are many different reasons behind a person’s fear of commitment. It could stem from their upbringing in a broken home, a fear of getting their heart broken, or their inability to let their guard down. As soon as you really dig down to discover the root of it, you’ll be able to determine if your fear is valid. “Most of the time you will find that this fear is baseless,” Moshe Ratson, a family and couples therapist, writes in The Huffington Post . “In order to eliminate it, you need to make yourself see how much freedom you actually have.” Before you can help yourself, it’s imperative you pinpoint the root of it all.

Conquering your fears is a worthy endeavor, so long as it actually adds value to your life. A person who’s terrified of heights doesn’t jump out of a plane for the fun of it, rather they see skydiving as a way to prove they’re stronger than they think.

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